Ei leia enam teemat, milles oli äge arutelu B-12 teemal...

Ei leia enam teemat, milles oli äge arutelu B-12 teemal. Nüüd teatud asjapulgad kirjutasid nii: "Chris Ockenden · Top Commenter · University of Canterbury well moving on from that apology as I see you do very well answering all questions vegan coach, kalmer sorry i also miss read your comment too,, Had a bad day of it you could say, silica doesnt sound good in things but my research is next to nil on the subject, have a look at this page http://www.davidicke.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-3296.htmlfbclid=IwAR1Su1cj-tfBJL8pF0N-UWFTtUEPYLEsRi_XO6Fybs6oB_c-BTPnveeSWu8 ---As for beans and nuts--- beans are not meant to be eaten my friend they contain more harmful toxins to the human body then any meagre amount of nutrition you can extract from them, beans as well as nuts. I am a vegan and gladly got on the beans myself until one day I became really dizzy and this went on for longer then a month (constant dizzyness) turns out it was the beans (legumes), I have been off them ever since and the dizzyness has disappeared. type are legumes good or bad for you into google and be shocked like I was. The fact is they are not around to be eaten they are to grow into something else and because of this they put up defenses. Phytic toxins inhibit the human bodies ability to absorb minerals! Which are plentiful in beans. As for getting protein well sorry my friend but another shock for you, as long as you are not calorie deficient ie you dont starve yourself there is no chance of being protein deficient given you eat mainly fruit and vege. a potato has a low protein count but if you were to eat only foods as low protein as a potato and got full, you would not be protein deficient, Biggest myth around mate. I am an avid vegan have a look at Dr graham 80 10 10 regume. It is an eye opener but the truth is there. And if you want proof of it google--- the fruitarian. I had to change everything about my eating habits but shit I feel a million dollars mate. Reply · Like · 10 hours ago Vegan Coach Hi Kalmer! You have asked some very good and important questions here. Firstly, I'll address silica...

Silica is a natural substance that is found throughout the body. It's not a harmful or dangerous to have silica in a supplement.

I see that you are concerned about those little silica packets - they're not poisonous. The reason they say "do not eat" is because they suck up moisture, so eating a concentrated large amount all at once like that will wreak havoc in your body as it removes moisture. So again, no poisonous, but not a good idea in any way, shape, or form.? xo Reply · Like · 2 hours ago Vegan Coach Regarding your question about cyanocobalamin vs methylcobalamin, honestly there is two completely separate arguments about this. Some feel methylcobalamin is easier for your body to make use of. Some feel cyanocobalamin works just as well and is simply cheaper.

I don't mind erring on the side of the methyl. The B12 supplements I recommend by Deva (although they're not the only good ones out there) are relatively inexpensive so the whole "more expensive" argument doesn't hold water for me.

I think it's come down to simply personal preference -- although the hard-core methyl peeps will likely throw tomatoes at me, so I'll just duck down over here.? Reply · Like · 2 hours ago Vegan Coach As to your question about beans, Chris is correct in that they contain phytates. This is another one of those issues that has two sides, some people saying that phytates are bad for you, some saying there is not enough in our food to make a huge difference one way or the other.

To be on the safe side, though, there's a very simple way to reduce or eliminate the phytates altogether and that is to pre-soak your bean (and grains, by the way) before cooking them. This is what I've been doing for years and years, and it's what I recommend to all vegans as well.

Learn more about how to prepare and cook your beans here (copy and paste): http://www.vegancoach.com/how-to-cook-beans.htmlfbclid=IwAR33Q0yKBL6TjLE9Y1UkjmyiLvv1W4uVM0nQl879DYd-sgF7ZB1hh5fFnes

And grains here: http://www.vegancoach.com/cooking-grains.htmlfbclid=IwAR3sERiqAs55eMI-hBhFS46oOPvHBnjIYjJBWx2qNM--0K36NXYVxYcaQ9o

Regarding nuts, that's another argument. Some feel raw nuts contain important enzymes we need. Others say you have to roast nuts before eating them. Me? I simply roast them, and mix them with raw nuts - about half and half. Best of both worlds. And you shouldn't eat too awfully many nuts every day anyway, so really this is not something to get too hung up on.?

I hope all this blabbering has helped. Thanks Kalmer and Chris.?"

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